Arthur J. Halleran, Jr., Founder and Chairman of Augustus Capital Corporation

Arthur J. Halleran, Jr., Chairman of Augustus Capital Corporation, is one of the most experienced investors in sale & leaseback financings and innovator in structuring accretive real estate solutions.

At Augustus, we understand the importance of strategic financing to create value for companies. We are committed to providing tailored, forward-thinking, solutions that empower corporations to optimize their capital structure.

Mission and vision

With a team of seasoned professionals, Augustus brings a wealth of experience in real estate, finance, and sale & leasebacks. Our mission is to help businesses, including developers, leverage the untapped potential of their owned properties by offering flexible, and customized, financial arrangements. What sets Augustus apart is our dedication to fostering long-term partnerships, built on transparency and mutual success. We take the time to understand the individualized financial needs and objectives of each client, ensuring that our solutions align seamlessly with their business strategies.

Why choose us

At Augustus, we believe that success is achieved through collaboration. Our team is commited to working closely with businesses to craft solutions that not only meet their immediate financial goals, but also position them for sustained growth in the future.

  • Acquisition of billions of dollars of real estate property
  • Innovative Debt Financing
  • Cross-Border Leasing Transactions
  • Hundreds of Equity & Debt placements
  • Creation and satisfaction of reporting requirements for over a dozen public entities
  • Effective use of associated professionals to mitigate risk and negotiate favorable contracts

Collaborate With Augustus

Whether Firms are looking to reinvest in their core business, de-lever their balance sheet, or cost effectively finance capital intensive projects, Augustus is here to guide them through the entire process.